Thursday, July 2, 2020

Worker Working to be Woke

Communism brings many small disaffected groups together.  It promises them each the utopia they seek if they will simply work together to overthrow the existing system.  None of them are strong enough to do it alone, but if they simply stand together against the established order, they will prevail.  Disarm the people and remove the police and them create our own armed order keepers.

So each small group has the same immediate goal in mind, the destruction of the existing order.  So the greens will get the end of the internal combustion engine, and racial minorities will get justice, and women will become ascendant over men, and atheists will see an end to organized religion, and peace activists will see an end to the military.  And all of them want to get rid of the police.

But once these groups gain power, they realize that they are at odds with one another.  The racial minorities don't want to give up their cars.  The atheists don't care about women's rights, and the greens don't care about religion.  So just as in Seattle the mayor is now fighting her own woke city council.  Once the mob descended on her home she realized the poor wanted to destroy the rich, and she is rich.  Marxism always descends into destruction, death, gulags, and mass murder; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Marxism? No Thank You.

I believe patriots are in the majority, not the people who are looting and burning and murdering. The problem is we are working, taking care of the children, and farms, and factories. The Marxists are getting paid by the government because they are unemployed, disabled, or otherwise non-productive; they live off their parents or some subsistence level job. They have been told their whole lives they are special and deserve riches.

Patriots have an optimism that says things will be better, or it can happen in Seattle but not here. We also obey the law, so we don't form committees of vigilance and take the law into our own hands. That does become a problem when a mayor or a governor has been co-opted by the Marxists and they tell the police to stand down, and won't deploy the National Guard.

I think patriots are getting fed up and I do believe we need to vote hard right this election and get our friends to do so also. I am on wait and see mode until the election.  We cannot allow Marxists to take over our nation; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Honey, Get Your Gun

A group of protestors broke down a gate and marched through a private road in St. Louis.  A couple are seen outside their home with a rifle and a pistol.  After that there was no violence, no more vandalism, and no looting.  The couple did not shoot anyone.  They did protect their property; this is one of many reasons we have a Second Amendment.  A lot can happen before the police arrive.

It was a very upscale neighborhood and the people appear to be rich.  I have read many comments from people saying that they demonstrated poor gun handling skills, yet there was no accidental discharge of the weapons. Others have said they should have spent some of that money they spent on their home helping others.  Of course, those who comment have no idea how much this couple gave to charity and those commenters did not disclose their charitable giving!

Interesting that people who where not there think they have a right to complain how other people spend their money.  Congress is filled with millionaires, and they spend OUR money.  If people have legally, and ethically earned their money, then I don't care if they are rich.  Essentially, the bad guys here are the protestors, for breaking down a gate and trespassing where they don't belong.  The media is trying to create class envy, and encourage Marxists; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Lives Matter

Some people say we have to say the words "Black Lives Matter."  They want us to say that, not because it is a simple statement of fact, but rather because it is a Marxist political slogan.  The BLM group was founded by avowed Marxists, and on their website they proclaim communist ideology.

So when they claim that "Black Lives Matter," they do not mean it as the simple words would imply.  Instead they mean it in another context.  A context to divide Americans into little groups.  A context to imply that some Americans lives may be worth more and others may be worth less. None of these ideas are American ideals.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."  These are the American values and ideals.  These are not the ideals of godless communists.  All men are created equal, all lives matter, because all lives have a soul that is created in the image of Almighty God, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Open Up Now

The people of the USA need to get back to work.  We need to open all businesses and get people working again.  There are many reasons for this, the first being people need to have jobs to pay their bills.  We are forcing businesses and individuals into bankruptcy because they are not earning enough money.  We should not simply be sending out checks and hoping those will be enough to save people; it is not.

Getting people back to work will get the businesses open and better able to protect their assets.  Closed businesses are good targets for looters and arson.  Open businesses are harder to vandalize, steal from, or burn down.  Employees are often loyal to their employers and don't want them destroyed.

Putting people back to work will cut frustration and give people something constructive to do, they won't have time to protest, riot, and create problems for themselves and others.  We are also bankrupting cities, counties, and states that need revenue to provide infrastructure and services.  We will be paying back the stimulus money and suffering the loss of business for years, maybe decades.  Put Americans back to work, open the country back up, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Make Serving in Congress Public Service Again

Congress has become a swamp.  They write laws that don't apply to themselves and they grant themselves all kinds of perks. I think there are several things we can do to help with this situation.  Pass a law that says all laws apply to Congress that apply to the people generally.  Congress is limited to two terms in office.  So one term as a House member and one as a Senator or two terms as either one, but then that's it.  No more lifetime of service in the Congress.  Make them get out into the world and earn a living like everyone else.

Have Congress pay into Social Security and that is their only retirement.  No special retirement for members of Congress.  If they think we can live on $1,200 a month in retirement, then so can they.  Congress will be paid minimum wage, under the same wage and hour laws that apply in their home state.  They are representatives of their home state so that's where their money should come from, they should be paid by their own state too, no need to launder the money through Federal taxes.

Congress has a cafeteria.  Congress can eat there, three times a day and seven days a week.  All other meals are up to them to pay for out of their own pockets.  Congress should get their housing provided by their own state.  So Iowa, and Hawaii and the rest of the states can build a condominium, or buy a mansion, or rent a room for their Senators and Representatives.  Let their home state legislature and governor decide how they should live.  Taxpayers from Kentucky should not be paying for housing for people who represent California.  We are constantly told that being in the Congress is public service, then let them demonstrate some of that service; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 26, 2020

More Than Term Limits

We need term limits.  Not just for the President, or the Congress.  Term limits for every elected office.  One of the problems is that people get elected to city council for two terms, 4 years, then mayor for two terms, 8 years, then state legislature for two 4 year terms, 16 years, then governor for 8 years, 24 years total, and then Congressman for two terms, 32 years, and lastly Senator for two terms, 12 years for a total career of 44 years and never worked a day in their life in private industry.

They retire with a local, state and Federal pension, and benefits that were voted on my themselves.  The people have to obey all the laws that they pass but the elected officials exempt themselves from many of them.  Or if they are caught, they resign, rather than get fired, and are appointed to some other lucrative government job and still get the big pension.

Two terms as an elected official and once elected twice to any office you can't have a government job after that, you must return to private industry.  Public service is a service not a gravy train.  It's an honor to represent The People, not an opportunity to line your pockets.  All elected officials should be on Social Security as their sole retirement system and they should not be allowed to vote themselves a raise; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Stop It, Stop It Now

No matter how vile the particular sculpture may be, there is a process to remove monuments from the public square. Gathering 50 people with ropes is unAmerican and lawless and an unacceptable behavior whether lynching or destroying a statue.

We are a nation of laws, if you don't like a statue, then pass laws that remove them. Lawless crowds are destroying Holocaust memorials, monuments to Black soldiers who fought in the Union army, monuments to abolitionists, and statues of our Founding Fathers.

The people doing this wanton destruction as self described Marxists, anarchists, and atheists.  This is not about removing symbols of racism.  This is an an attack on our values as Americans.  This is destruction of private and public property.   More than that, this is destruction of heritage, history, and common culture, it needs to stop; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

No Violence Needed

I voted today.  In a democracy, that's how we decide who will rule over us for a period of a few years.  I walked into the voting precinct, showed my ID, signed my name, was given a ballot and voted.  It was all over in a few minutes.  Later this year we get to pick someone else, or the same person if we think they will do a good job.  Violence has no place in a democracy. 

Violent protest is unacceptable behavior.  People have a right to speak, to publish, to make videos, and spread them around the world in seconds.  There is more opportunity for people in the United States, to make their voices heard than ever before.  This blog is one example.  It's free, I can post as often as I want to and readers can make comments about it.

Freedom like that was not possible thirty years ago.  It is freedom of speech that never existed for the Founding Fathers.  It is amazing.  There is no reason or excuse for violence in a free and democratic nation.  Yet, Marxists, think it's okay to break windows, loot stores, murder people, attack police, and burn down buildings, even with all this freedom, as long as it forwards their political agenda.  Marxism is evil and has no place among civilized people; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Stop the Violence

Seattle says they are going to dismantle the protest zone because there have been three shootings and one murder there in only a few days.  Given that standard, shouldn't we dismantle Chicago?  There have been 254 murders in Chicago so far this year, that's more than all of last year.

What do these cities have in common?  Both are run by liberal Democrats who pander to their cities criminal classes and who do not support their police departments.  It's not hard to figure out where these murders happen and who is doing them.  They happen in the lawless parts of the city that are run by gangsters and drug dealers.  Put the murders on a map of the city and you will find most of them happen in the same places over and over again.

So send out city crews to pick up the trash.  Send out parking control to remove the illegally parked and stolen vehicles.  Send out electrical workers to repair the street lights and install closed circuit television cameras.  Then have undercover and plain clothes officers work those areas.  Stop everyone who moves and move everyone who stops. 

Get your local DAs to prosecute every littering ticket and every broken headlight and put the criminals in jail and on notice that you are taking your city back.  Train your cops, and your teachers to deal with gangs, and drugs, and guns, and violence and stand behind them, even if they make a mistake.  Fire those who can't or won't get with the new paradigm of strong, fair, enforcement.  Make the schools and the streets safe for the good people and fix the problem; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 22, 2020

The Liberal Agenda Matters

A bad cop made an arrest, very poorly, and it lead to the death of the suspect.  Everyone knows the name of the career criminal who tragically died that day.  Many know the name of the officer who was fired and arrested for murder within 24 hours of the incident.  Every other day this month a police officer has died in the line of duty.  How many of their names do you know?

Corrections Officer V Thomas Adedayo Ogungbire contracted Covid-19 at work and died in the line of duty from that disease.  Thousands of police officers have contracted Covid-19 in the line of duty and he is only one of many who have died that disease.  You don't know his name, you did not see his face on the television, you did not see nationally known celebrities at his funeral.  You likely did not even know that any police officers had died from the Covid-19 virus.  Yet, hundreds of thousands of police officers, sheriff deputies, jailers, correctional officers and other police are exposed in any given week, yet just like all the other dangers they face, they continue with their jobs. 

Our media, and many of our elected officials, and other civic leaders have turned their backs on our police, brave men and women who do a great job.  You likely missed the story about the young woman who killed her neighbor, her four small children and then herself.  She had mental health issues and a handgun.  Tragically six dead Black Americans and the media is ignoring the story.  Our media and politicians don't care about informing you about what is really happening in our nation.  They care about forwarding their liberal agenda and getting President Trump out of office; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

More Statues Fall

Statues of Francis Scott Key and Father Junipero Serra have been torn down in San Francisco.  When the left tore down statues of the leaders of the Confederacy we were told it was because they were painful reminders of slavery.

But it was never about racism or slavery. It was always an attack on Western history, values, and the Christian religion.  Leftists hate America and they hate God.  The Democrats booed the mention of God at their last national convention. 

The destruction of these statues and the burning of the American flag continues the long history of leftist violence in America.  They seized on a terrible incident, politicized it and then tried to force others to bow to their demands.  Corporate America is outdoing itself trying to tell everyone how 'woke' they are and how much they are doing for minority communities.  How about doing something for America instead?  We are all Americans and should not divide ourselves into little tribes based on race, and other factors, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Open Up

Like the Founding Fathers of our great nation, I believe in freedom.  Freedom is the ability to do anything you want that is not immediately self-destructive or bothersome to others.  Freedom is not the license to do anything at all no matter the consequences to yourself or others.

We need to open the economy back up.  Let people return to work, go on vacations, attend church, and do those things Americans do.  Warn people that wearing a face mask might be a good idea.  Tell them that social distances of six feet or more could be helpful.  Ask them to sneeze or cough into their elbow.  We are grown ups who drive cars, own guns, and vote, stop treating us like children.

People need to get back to work to make money to feed their families.  People need more than some tiny government handout to pay their bills.  The ripple effect of millions of people unable to pay the rent or a mortgage is terrible and we need to fix it.  People will figure out how to do things safely.  They are adults and can behave responsibly for the most part.  Some people will be irresponsible and get sick.  Most people will behave responsibly and some of them will get sick anyway.  Getting sick can kill you, but so can going bankrupt; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Police Reform

Police don't need reform.  Some police agencies need to catch up to the 21st Century.  Police departments should pay a decent wage, with reasonable benefits.  They should not pay so much that they attract people who want to be police just for the money.  Police work should be a calling.  Often police officers run in families that include members of the military and firemen for generations.

Police should have more training, but law enforcement is a local duty.  Local citizens should vote for a mayor and city council that put the safety of their communities first.  That means they should have excellent police, fire and emergency medical systems in place that do a great job.  There is no excuse for poor police, fire, or EMS.  If your city has that, then vote out the city government.

The Federal government can help by providing training and guidelines, but most of that should come from the county and state level.  We don't need national police forces, they are a tool of oppression in many nations.  Local police are much more responsive to local needs.  We need to break the power of many police unions that don't care about the quality of police services that their members provide, they care about pay and benefits and protecting poor police.  Unions should push their members to achieve the highest standards of behavior, not protect abusive, lazy, and corrupt police; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Taser and Murder

A police officer was called to a report of a car blocking a drive through lane at a fast food restaurant.  The officer found a drunk driver behind the wheel and asked him to move into a parking stall.  A second officer arrived and they conducted a driving while intoxicated investigation.  They decided to arrest the driver and a fight started.  The police officer pulled a Taser and the suspect got the Taser away from him and ran.  The officers gave foot pursuit and when the suspect turned and pointed the Taser at him the officer fired three times, hitting the man twice.  That's the short, overview version.

The police officers involved were fired and arrested, one of them for murder and may face the death penalty.  The state bureau of investigation has not completed their investigation, yet the officer is already fired and under arrest.  An active police officer is seldom a flight risk.  Why the rush to fire them?  Why they rush to charge them for major felony crimes prior to completing the investigation?

This has become the new paradigm in America.  Don't wait for investigations, just fire the police officer whenever there is a controversy.  Don't wait for the investigation, do it as soon as there is a hint of community outrage, no matter what the facts may be.  There is no presumption of innocence, public officials decry the crimes of the officer even before it has been determined crimes were committed.  How can the officer get a fair trial and an unbiased jury of his peers under those circumstances?  Often the officer is found innocent and is offered his job back, and then given a big payout by the city.  All of this is a terrible injustice to the police, a terrible disservice to the public, and a waste of taxpayer money.  Leaders should stand behind their people, and at the very least, give them proper due process without playing to the mob; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Indian Fighting

Communist China has been attacking India in recent months but the main stream media is not really covering the story.  They have not figured out how to make it President Trump's fault so they don't want to mention that the Communist Chinese have broken 45 years of peace and killed over a dozen Indian soldiers.

The Communist Chinese can't be trusted, they enslave their own people, they put religious people in concentration camps, and tear down churches.  They have reneged on their deal with the United Kingdom over Hong Kong and are forcing them to give up many freedoms they were to enjoy.  Nearly every week there is a new spy scandal in the US involving Chinese Communists.

India and Communist China have a long border and some of it is vague.  As a result, the Communists make every effort to encroach on the Indians.  India has been a good friend to it's neighbors and has no territorial demands.  Communist China, however, like communists everywhere, has never stopped trying to enlarge their border since the founding of the nation.  One more reason to move American manufacturing out of China.  If we can't move it home, at least move it to a nation that likes America, like India; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Confederate Statues

In the days of the American Civil War many people felt a greater loyalty to their state than to the national government. Just like today most people feel a greater loyalty to their nation than to the United Nations. So Confederates fought for their state, fought for what they believed was their home. Just like Native Americans fought for their homes. And just like Native Americans once the war was over they became good American citizens.

The CSA and the USA were both slave owning nations, and Native Americans owned slaves then too. It was common practice. That practice was ended 150 years ago and no one wants it returned, and no one alive in America today was involved in it neither as a slave owner nor as a slave.  American ideals are to hold individuals responsible for their own actions not those of their ancestors.

No one sees a Confederate flag or statue of Robert E. Lee and says I think I will be mean to Black people today.  Liberalism seeks to destroy a nation’s history so they can put forth their own version in order to gain power. They start with Confederate flags, and then Confederate statues, and then add Columbus, and now George Washington, and even Black troops who fought for the Union in the ACW.  Keep our history, we learn from it and move forward, together; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Many Options

The President of the United States can invoke the Insurrection Act if he issues a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.  If they do not he can send in the National Guard or Regular Armed Forces to suppress the rebellion.  I don't think that President Trump should send in troops to Washington state at this time.  I think he should send in the FBI and Federal Marshals to conduct surveillance on the people in the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.  They can then identify who the leaders are, who the enforcers are, and who all the other criminals are, and then begin to take legal action against them.

He should go to Federal Judges and ask for warrants and wire tap their communications.  He can seize their bank accounts, and real estate.  He can take all sorts of actions that don't require direct confrontation with the people on site.  This would be a good way to increase pressure on them but will not garner sympathy for them as the media won't get good sound bites and exciting video.

Only after the Federal Government has made good cases against these people should they move in and make arrests.  First encircle the perimeter and don't allow others to enter, and then arrest everyone who leaves.  Have Federal law enforcement officials take them into custody and fly them away from the area.  Suspects should be removed to Federal facilities to minimize the publicity and rioting at the jail.  People have a right to protest, but they don't have a right to take over pubic streets, parks, and private property for their own use to the exclusion of the public and the owners of the private property.  I think a lot of people need to go to jail over this, and I might start with local elected officials; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Early this year news stories were circulating that the Wuhan Virus would cause 2.2 million Americans to die.  Now we are opening some states up after 100,000 people have died.  It seems the prediction of 2.2 million dead Americans was not even close to being correct.

Certainly more Americans will die of this disease, but it seems unlikely we will even have a quarter of a million Americans die of it this year.  Hopefully we will have a cure and a vaccine in the next few months, several organizations claim to be likely to have a vaccine well before the end of the year.

The main stream news media frightened everyone and printed big numbers of how many people would die.  But that did not happen, even so, they seem inclined to blame President Trump for the fact that we have had over 100,000 people die in this pandemic.  Seems to me that he did a very good job of keeping the numbers low and deserves a lot of credit for the way he has handled this crisis; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

George Washington Deserves His Statues

George Washington owned slaves.  Owning slaves was normal during his time in America.  Still, even then, many people were uncomfortable with it and many, like President Washington, made provision for his slaves to be freed when he and his wife passed away.  Today that may not seem like much, but it those days it was quite unusual and a big sacrifice as slaves were very expensive. 

He also set aside funds to provide for an education for the freed children and support for the older people, which continued until 1830.  He also made provision that his slaves would not have their families split up or be taken to other states where it might he harder for them to get their freedom.  George Washington worked towards emancipation for slaves, but quietly, because he feared the possibility of civil war or economic disaster if they were all freed at once.  The economy of the South was dependent on slavery and freeing the slaves overnight could destroy their economy.

George Washington also fought against the British to free property owning white men from the lack of representation in parliament and from being under the rule of a king.  He worked for years to avoid the Revolutionary War but helped win it when war came.  He was far from being a perfect man and many of his ideals and actions are no longer acceptable.  But we should judge him based not on what we know today, but rather judge him against his contemporaries.  We should honor and celebrate George Washington not because he was the perfect man, but rather because he was for greater freedom for all men, much more so than for his contemporaries.  He turned down the offer of being the King of the United States, that alone makes him a great man; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Seattle Insurrection

Seattle communists and anarchists have taken over an autonomous zone in the city.  They have blocked public streets and sidewalks, isolating the area from the rest of the city.  They have claimed it as a separate political environment from the United States, and are even walking around with armed men controlling who comes and goes from that area.  The police are not being permitted to enter and enforce the law.

This area should be returned to the people of Seattle as soon as possible by the Seattle police under the direction of the city government.  I doubt this will happen.  If it is not resolved in a week to ten days, President Trump should Federalize the Washington National Guard.  Use the local National Guard because they live and work in the community and are more likely to be restrained in their violence.

The first thing is to cut off the area, don't allow anyone inside, and arrest everyone who comes outside for insurrection.  Use Federal Marshall's to take custody of those arrested.  Cut off the water, electricity, sewage, and all other services to the area for a few days before they National Guard moves in and arrests everyone.  This is a threat to our nation and should not stand; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

NFL and Politics

If a church recommends that you vote for particular candidates in an upcoming election they can lose their tax exempt status.  Churches are tax exempt but when they become involved in partisan political activities they can have that status taken away.  The NFL is also a tax exempt organization, not the individual teams, but the parent organization.

So those football players who make fifteen million dollars per year, work for an organization that is tax exempt.  And when they are taking the knee during the Star Spangled Banner they are engaging in political conduct.  When the officials of the NFL tell us about political issues, they are engaging in political activity.  I think their tax exempt status should be removed. They don't need the special tax treatment, they should be paying their way like any other major corporation.

The NFL is also exempt from anti-trust laws.  So they don't have to worry about other groups starting up a football league.  They can use whatever tactics they can to prevent that from happening and not be prosecuted for it.  The NFL also has at least 23 out of 31 stadiums that were built in full or in part with taxpayer dollars.  Since the NFL is a private, for profit, organization, why do we spend billions of dollars to build their stadiums?  I think it's time we took away their tax exempt status, their anti-trust law exemption, and their taxpayer funded stadiums; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Do Better with the Mentally Ill and Those on Drugs

Years ago fire departments looked at the nature of the calls they were getting and determined they were receiving many requests for rescues of sick and injured people.  They did first aid and rushed them to the hospital but many people still died.  Fire departments figured out that by training firemen as paramedics who could provide basic life support with radio communication with doctors they could save many lives.

Much of police work involves contact with persons who are mentally ill or who are under the influence of various mind altering drugs.  Often the police are left with little recourse except to use force to subdue an often violent person.  I think we can develop a new mindset and techniques to deal with the mentally ill and those under the influence of drugs.  I think we should have the mental health equivalent of paramedics in the police deparment. 

Someone works as a police officer for three to five or more years so they are familiar with the way to do basic police work.  Then they receive additional mental health training of about four months in a classroom setting, two months in a psychological emergency room, and another two months of field training.  They should also receive additional arrest and control techniques training and specialized equipment.  They should be in direct contact with mental health doctors on every call to assist them, just like paramedics.  Just like firemen paramedics, they should handle regular police calls when not otherwise busy but should get priority on calls involving people who are stoned or mentally ill.  Their position should be similar to that of a SWAT team member who gets extra pay and extensive on-going training.  We need to do a better job of dealing with the mentally ill and drugged population; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Police Training

Some people are saying to defund the police.  I think that is a serious mistake.  Rather, we need to increase funding for police.  The police should attend two years of classroom training, and a year of field training before they work alone.  They should sign a contract for ten years service.  They should be paid a rather minimal amount of money when they are in the training period, so that only those who really want to be police will apply, knowing that for three years their pay will be low.

They should be screened with a complete background check, a credit check, drug screen, and criminal history check and medical check.  There should be exemptions granted only by the chief of police with approval of the mayor.  Everyone should be held to the same standard, no favoritism due to nepotism, or because of affirmative action for race, sex, gender, religion, national origin or any other outside factor.

The same checks should be conducted, with a simple update on the background check, every year for every officer.  If they fail the drug test, or find themselves in serious financial hardship, or they have become alcoholics, then they should be terminated.  Officers who have problems with their marriage, with alcohol, and bills are often the ones who have problems with the job, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Better Living Through Chemistry?

Another way to destroy America is with drugs, both legal and illegal.  Take away recess so that kids have to sit still in classrooms for long periods of time with no recreation.  Tell parents their little boys have attention deficit disorder and need to take mind altering drugs because they can't sit still in class.  Because it is easier to dope children into compliance than to train them properly.

Tell people that grandmother has cancer and the only way she can keep food down is to smoke marijuana.  Then tell them how sad it is that her "medicine" is illegal.  Campaign to make marijuana legal for medicinal uses only and then when it is legalized as "medicine" don't regulate it like actual pharmaceuticals intended to solve real medical issues.  Prescribe it for any medical ailment, especially ones like pain, or depression that don't show up on an X-ray or other objective test.  Allow the patient to decide how much to take, when to take it, what kind to use, and how to use it.  Not something that is done with any other medication.

Tell everyone what a great success medical marijuana has been.  Ignore the studies that show increased schizophrenia, increases in traffic collisions, and suicides.  Tell everyone how legalizing marijuana for recreational use would bring in vast sums of tax money.  Tell everyone that no one ever died from marijuana overdose, and ignore the deaths from impairment while driving or doing other things.  Complain about all the poor people in jail for non-violent drug offenses.  Ignore the burglaries, prostitution, robberies, murders, that are done to pay for drugs.  Then when it is legalized and none of the benefits happen, explain that it's too late to turn back the clock.  A population that spends all their time high are much easier to control; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Heresy Brings Death

The church has had certain traditions and theology since the beginning.  Much of it goes back to Old Testament times.  One of those is priests.  Priests in the Hebrew church and in the later Christian church were always male.  Now our new woke society says female priests are just fine, they are wrong.

Jesus selected all men to be his disciples.  Certainly he had many holy women available if he wanted women as priests.  He did not care about the established order of the Jewish people, so certainly that did not stop him from selecting women.  He is the Son of God, He could have done whatever he wanted to do, he chose to select an all male priesthood.

Female priests are heresy, nothing else they say or do that comes from that will result in anything good. First female priests, then restrictions on the rights of others to speak freely or to have different opinions, and then mass murder in the form of abortion and support for euthanasia, and then finally a denial of anything recognizable as Christianity. That's what is happening in Europe and we are not far behind.  Much of Europe permits euthanasia of the old and the sick, sometimes even against the will of the person being killed.  Some Christian churches have removed crosses and other Christian symbols so as not to offend non-Christians.  Heresy brings greater heresy and eventually results in death; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Destroy America

If you want to destroy America there is an easy way to do it, it just will take some time.  First of all destroy the family.  You don't want people to be loyal to any entity other than the party.  So eliminate loyalty to the family.  Make divorce easy to get.  That way people will get married quickly, even if they don't know each other well knowing if it does not work out they can just get a no fault divorce.  Then push birth control.  When people have children they have to grow up and be responsible for another human being.  But if they don't have children, they can continue to be children themselves.

Push abortion, that allows people to have sex without ever having to worry about the consequences.  If they forget the birth control or it does not work, they still don't have to raise a child.  It also means there are fewer people, and fewer people are easier to control than a larger population.  Push euthanasia for old people and infirm people and disabled people.  Stress their poor quality of life and how much it costs to keep them alive.  Tell everyone what a burden they are on the taxpayer and the health care system.  Blame them for tying up resources that could be used elsewhere.

Tell the youth how they are better educated than their parents and how smart they are; give them awards just for showing up, rather than actual accomplishments.  Tell them how racist and stupid older people are compared to them.  This way people will have no real ties to the rather small families they have.  Tell people that families come in many forms. This way they can see their political party as their family, after all, Big Brother Loves You; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Defund the Police

Plenty of rich people are calling for the defunding of police departments.  Some of them want to cut police budgets.  Others want to discontinue police services.  Rich people who live in private gated communities.  Rich people who have armed security guards patrolling past their homes.  Rich people who have body guards and never go anywhere unless they have an entourage of staff to insure their security and safety.  Police need more money for training, evaluations, and supervision, not less.

Police agencies don't have a problem with racism.  Every day police go into the worst neighborhoods and try to help other people, often at the risk of their own life.  Racists don't do that.  Police have a problem with unsuited people getting hired, and working as police, and continuing to work as police for years.  Due to their poor initial screening, and poor supervision, and poor training they do bad police work.  Most videos I see that show cops performing poorly it's not bias at work, it's unsuitability for the job, bad supervision, or incompetence.

Police agencies get into trouble when they don't screen their officers well prior to hiring.  They need to insure that those who graduate from the academy, who finish field training, and who pass probation are all competent at their job skills and that they are doing a good job.  Then they need to get an annual review of their performance.  All the while they need to be properly supervised by supervisors who know how to manage people.  They also need on going training to stay sharp in their skills.  If they can't continue to master their basic skills then they need to be re-trained and if they still can't pass, then terminated; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Ojective Reality

Objective reality is not relevant to liberals.  This is a saying I use frequently.  In the news we saw a reporter with buildings burning behind him while he was saying the protest was peaceful.  Peaceful protests don't include setting arson fires to buildings.  Objective reality is not relevant to liberals.

Some journalists have been ordered to refer to those rampaging our cities as "protestors" and they are not to use the word riot or rioters.  Protestors hold signs, and chant, and sing, and give speeches.  Rioters break windows, loot merchandise, steal cars, burn police cars, and beat people to death.  That's what is happening in our major cities.  Objective reality is not relevant to liberals.

The police in the United States are generally locally controlled.  There are general Federal guidelines and there are many state laws about how to conduct police operations.  But the majority of police decisions are made at the local level.  The cities pick their own chief of police, they determine hiring procedures, the amount of training police will get and how much money goes into the police budget.  I think it should be that way. If you don't like the local police it's much easier to vote out the city council and the mayor than it is to change the Congress or the President.  Yet the mayors and governors of these states where unrest is rampant are saying police brutality is President Trump's fault, who has no authority to direct local police training or operations.  Objective reality is not relevant to liberals; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Police Unions

Many big cities are having riots.  They are no longer protests they are riots.  When people are breaking store windows and looting the televisions, shoes, and toys, then they are no longer protesting.  They are destroying lives, jobs, and neighborhoods.  Some cities may take years to recover.  It will be harder for people to find a job and harder for people to shop once this is all over.  This is not the way to get police reform.

These big cities are all run by woke Democrats. Police work is under local control.  If you don't like the way the police behave, then get a new mayor and city council.  Leftists don't like police and so they often don't pay enough or they don't train enough or they take away tools that make the job safer for citizens and the cops. Then you end up with bad policing.

Police unions give money to Democrats and then the Democrats give raises to the police. Then the unions keep bad cops on the force because they don't get fired when they should. So the bad cops don't get weeded out as they should because the police unions protect the bad cops.  Just as school teacher unions protect bad teachers.  Public employees did not have the right to unionize until about 1960.  I don't think they should have unions even now; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Not News

In scrolling through the news feed today I was struck by the inane stories that filled the headlines.  Coaches give their opinion on police brutality.  Singer gives her opinion on the President.  TV show star talks about politics.  Widow of a basketball player tells us what he would have thought about current events.

Why do we care?  There is not a single person who makes their living off of professional sports in any capacity that will speak on any topic outside of sports that will say anything I want to hear.  I listen to singers to entertain me or to inspire me, but not to receive political advice.  I watch television to enjoy the show, not to listen to the opinions of actors on any subject.  And finally, the opinion of a widow on what her deceased husband would have thought about any topic is simply foolish speculation.

I got a haircut today.  My barber is just as much an expert on police use of force procedures as any sports coach.  My gardener knows as much about the president as any singer, probably more than most.  The checker at the grocery store can inform me as well about politics as most actors.  And telling me what your late husband might think about events that happened after he died is irrelevant and immaterial to anything in my life.  What passes as journalism today is a complete waste of time.  It's not fake news that is the problem, it's speculation, and opinion pretending to be news and substituting for news that is the real problem; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Protest But Don't Riot

If you want to protest get a sign and some like minded people and go to city hall, or the state building, or a local park.  When there make speeches about your complaints.  Talk about what you want to accomplish, and encourage others to think as you do about your topic of discussion.  If you make arrangements with the local police to minimize disruptions, you can march from the park to city hall, keeping traffic disruption to a minimum.  The right to assemble, free speech, and to petition for a redress of grievances are basic human rights recognized by our Constitution.  They are available to everyone.

Do not encourage others to acts of violence.  Do not paint walls, break windows, or assault other people. Do not scream threats or insults at other people, even the police.  A protest should be designed to convince other people of the righteousness of your cause.  You don't do that by being rude, disrespectful, or by committing crimes.

When a protest becomes an opportunity for people to break store windows and steal from the store it has ceased to be a protest.  When people who have nothing to do with your grievance are victimized by the protestors, it is no longer a protest and it is no longer legitimate.  That protest has become a riot and it is no longer protected by the Constitution and the law.  Rioting victimizes innocent people who have done nothing wrong.  It is wrong to force your views on others through lawlessness, violence, and fear; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

To Infinity and Beyond

The American company SpaceX launched two astronauts into space yesterday.  A major advancement in the history of space travel.  A private company launched people into orbit; Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will go down in history.  This is a historic development, just the same year President Trump created the United States Space Force.

In the olden times the military would explore the Old West and only afterwards would come private citizens.  Lewis and Clark explored the North American continent essentially from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean from 1803 to 1806.  Eventually came trappers and other explorers and eventually settlers.

I see space as the same way.  For decades it was the domain only of government workers from the USA or USSR, later other nations sent people, but not until now has a manned mission been undertaken by a civilian organization.  Over the next few decades I think private industry and private individuals will continue to explore Earth orbit, the Moon, and even Mars.  I think private industry will send settlers to Mars to live out the rest of their lives there in a new home.  I am proud of them and happy that it is an American company making this great achievement; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

No Communists On Campus

President Trump is revoking the ability of thousands of Communist Chinese students who are affiliated with the Chinese Communist military from going to college or university in the United States.  My only question is why are we not removing the other 300,000 Chinese Communist students?

People have the idea that by bringing foreigners, from countries that hate America, to the United States and letting them study how to manufacture goods, make weapons, fly aircraft, and do science, that somehow they will come to love America and it's people.  What really happens is they study all the time and make few friends.  They send information back to their home country where it is used to help our adversaries and even our enemies.  They laugh at us the whole time because we are so stupid to allow them to come here and spy on us.

Colleges and universities work with the government and private industry to perform research on how to do many things that will become technological breakthroughs in science and industry.  Foreign students come here, learn about it and take the knowledge home.  It means their home nation saves billions of dollars on research and allows them to keep up with the United States in important technologies.  Communist Chinese students don't come here to go to school to get a degree in gender studies, lesbian poetry, and basketball.  They come here to learn hard sciences and send information back home.  Schools welcome them because they spend over ten billion dollars on tuition and fees every year.  Small gain for big schools, and big trouble for our nation; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Video Is Evidence but Not Proof

A man died in police custody and the next day city officials said four officers would be fired as a result.  It is interesting that in less than 24 hours the officials were able to gather enough information to say definitively that four police officers must be fired immediately.  If the officers acted improperly they must be held accountable according to agency policy and the state and Federal laws.  If the officers violated department policy they must be retrained or disciplined as appropriate. If there is reasonable evidence officers violated the law then they must be arrested, and tried, and hopefully convicted.

Too often, as in this case, no real investigation has taken place and important public officials are making pronouncements about what has to happen to the persons involved in this incident.  Typically when a person dies in police custody it takes a long time to process the evidence, and write the reports.  I suspect the four officers involved may not even have completed their reports prior to city officials calling for their termination.  Others are calling for their arrest and even conviction, based solely on the video and their own assumptions.

A video of an incident is only one piece of evidence.  It does not show the perceptions of the people involved, it only shows what the camera sees. We need to know people's motives, their assumptions, not only what they saw, but what did they hear, and how did they arrive at their decision to perform the acts we see on a video.  The correct course of action is for elected officials to acknowledge a distressing video has surfaced and to insure that a full and complete investigation will take place.  Outside agencies, such as the state police or Federal agencies, should conduct the investigation into controversial incidents.  Even police officers have a right to due process and a presumption of innocence.  Everyone deserves a process that is fair and just.  If these officers violated the law, then only a complete, fair, and proper investigation will be able to prove that in a court of law; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Do You Know Who I Am?

According to an article in Psychology Today, "Narcissism is characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy for others, a need for excessive admiration, and the belief that one is unique and deserving of special treatment."  To me this is one of the great failings of our society.  Everyone thinks they are a special snowflake and that they deserve special treatment, and are exempt from the laws and norms of society.

I was too drunk to know what I was doing when I killed those two children in a traffic collision so I should not go to jail.  My parents abused me so I did not realize it was wrong to murder those people in the other gang.  I am the husband of the governor of the state of Michigan so you should prepare my boat for a sailing trip this weekend. 

All of these excuses are from recent news articles that I have read.  In the United States we hear and read a lot about people having rights. Well, every right has an opposite duty and responsibility.  We have the right to remain silent, but the duty to tell the truth when we do speak.  We have a right to travel but we have a duty to do so safely.  We have a right to run for public office, but when elected we have a duty not to use that office for personal gain; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Get Back to Work

In August of 2018 Bill Maher said that it would be "worth it" if the nation went into a recession as long as it meant that President Trump would not be re-elected.  Now we have unemployment of about 15% and the stock market has gone down thousands of points.  This was not due to some enemy attack, or natural disaster, or even due to the pandemic.  It was due to our response to the pandemic.

So as a result of making people stay at home tens of millions of people who were working not long ago, are now unemployed.  We closed everything, not to stop people from ever getting sick, but rather to flatten the curve so the number of sick people would not spike and overwhelm our medical system's ability to take care of them.  Now thanks to President Trump's leadership we have flattened the curve, and we have built thousands of ventilators, and made millions of masks and gained a lot of experience in testing for and treating the Wuhan Virus.

Now it's time to open up.  We have accomplished our mission of flattening the curve and gaining materials and experience in combating this disease.  Now we can safety return to work, to school, to church, and other places to live our lives.  The sick and the elderly can continue to take precautions but we don't need to keep the whole nation on lock down.  Democrat governors and Democrat House members, and Democrat mayors want to keep us shut up so that the recession that Bill Maher hoped for last year will defeat President Trump.  They don't care about the misery it will cause average Americans because they are rich and it won't affect them, and because their lust for power is greater than their concern for average Americans.  Open the nation, put everyone back to work, the crisis is over, return to our previous lives; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.