Sunday, September 30, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh

The highest morality of Communism is the forwarding of the Communist agenda.
Since they have no morality connected to God they substitute that which helps to keep them in power or get them power.

Everything is political, sports, entertainment, judges, business, schools, everything.

It's all about the destruction of Christendom. We now say, Western Civilization because the left controls the narrative and we don't say Christendom. We say BCE and CE instead of BC and AD, even though the start date is the same day it always was, they are destroying Christendom.

The most powerful nation is the United States, so they attack it the most.

Group everyone into little groups and pit them against one another.

You are Black, we will give rights to Black people oppressed by the White man.
You are a woman, we will give rights to women oppressed by the White man.
You are gay, we will give rights to gays oppressed by the White man.

But rights are not given, they are inherent in being human, and endowed by our Creator.
But when you take away the Creator, then rights are a gift to the people from the Government.

So every group is pulled together to destroy the Christian, straight, White, man.
And anyone else who is Christian, straight, or White, or male must identify as one of the anointed. You are a Christian, straight, Black, man your identity is Black.
So you must march in lock step as a Black man. You must ignore your own self interest as a Christian, straight, man and only vote according to your race.

Bill Clinton had sex with an intern in the White House. It was proved he did. He lied about it under oath. He got a pass because he identified with women, not with men. Because to identify with women means you are pro-abortion, and anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-traditional American values. Therefore you are good.

But Brett Kavanaugh is a traditional, Catholic Christian, straight, White man and therefore evil. He is in favor of marriage and traditional sex roles, wife, mother. He is not in favor of abortion, or rampant homosexual behavior, so he is evil. He brings the same values put forward by Christ, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, yet he is evil and must be destroyed at all cost, by any means.

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