Thursday, March 3, 2016

No Thanks Mitt

Mitt Romney is a typical RINO Republican.  In 2013 he told Americans how wonderful Mr. Trump was and how happy he was that Trump endorsed him. He told us that Trump has created jobs and called out Communist China for cheating on trade agreements.

Now Mitt Romney is complaining about Trump.  He is calling Trump a phony and a fraud.  So which of these two is a phony and a fraud?  If Romney thinks Trump is a phony and a fraud, why was he so happy with his endorsement a few years ago?  The real opponent of Republicans is Hillary, not Trump.

This is simply more of the Republican establishment running to the defense of the status quo.  This is what I have been hoping would happen for a long time.  The power of the Republican power brokers is being broken by the people.  The same establishment that gave us Dole and McCain, and Romney; a list of losers who could not get the White House.  Now they are worried about someone getting the presidency that did not go through their process, someone who is not a career politician who is tied to their machine.  RINOs care less about the nation then about their political power; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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