Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fences and Jobs

To build a wall with Mexico we put a tax on every transaction that sends money out of the country. Mexican illegal aliens send about $20 billion to Mexico each year. A 10% tax would bring in $2 billion per year. That buys a lot of fencing. 

Many American factories closed and were shipped to Communist China, and Americans lost their jobs. US companies did that because the Chinese hourly labor costs were less, fewer regulations on almost everything, and much lower taxes. If we cut taxes, decrease regulations and put a 10% tax on everything imported from China, then many of those jobs will come back to the USA. Nothing is free. Do teachers and doctors work for free? How do you pay them if health care and college is free? You take money from other people in the form of taxes. That causes more people to stop working or take jobs overseas. It also increases prices because costs are increased by increasing taxes. 

What jobs will all these college educated people be doing? How will your degree in gender studies translate into a nation with more jobs? Bernie Sanders has never worked for anyone in his life nor has he ever run a business. I have done both of those things and know how business works. Higher taxes kills jobs; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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