Monday, September 14, 2015

Magazine Ban

The City of Los Angeles has enacted a new law to limit people to ten round magazines for their guns.  That means no gun can have more than eleven bullets in it ready to fire at at time.  A magazine can hold ten bullets and there can be one more bullet in the gun.

This law is superseded by California state law that prohibits local governments from enacting firearms laws.  The state does not want a patchwork of local gun laws that people will violate only because they have passed from one county to another or from one city to another.  Simply driving on the freeway from Santa Monica to Disneyland is now a crime if you have a common 20 round gun magazine in your car.

These type of laws never work.  A restriction on the size of the handgun magazine will not decrease crime.  It will mostly cause otherwise honest, law abiding citizens to be arrested and convicted of simply possessing an item that is legal everywhere else in California.  It will also result in millions of dollars in legal fees as various gun rights groups sue the City of Los Angeles.  This magazine ban is illegal, unnecessary, ineffective and foolish; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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