Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Global Warming

I don't care much about global warming.  Every few years the leftists come up with a reason to save the planet that requires that we destroy capitalism and democracy.  They want us to collectivize, disarm or nation and give up our guns, and give power to the United Nations and money to the Third World.  Over population, nuclear winter, pollution, or global warming, the solution is always the same.  If the Global Warming alarmists were half as effective as spreading the Gospel of Jesus as they are about spreading the Gospel of Global Warming, we would all be Christians by now.

If it's a problem then fix it. Fix it behind the scenes without me having to pay more taxes, give up any freedom, move into a smaller house, drive a smaller car, stop watering my lawn or any of the million other things the global warming crowd seems to want me to do.

If my car pollutes too much, then design a new cheaper more efficient better automobile and I will buy it. Market forces will cause me to buy it. Not the government forcing me to buy it. But that's too hard. That requires actual work and creativity by engineers and hard scientists.  It requires more than just politics and opinions and politicians.  So I say, let it burn. We can move to Montana or Siberia if it gets too hot; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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