Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Classic Climate Change

I read an article recently in which a liberal claimed that someone was a "classic climate change Denier of the highest order."  This is what passes for debate these days.  If a person is wrong on the facts, then argue the facts.

If a person is right on the facts, then don't argue the facts, call them names and attack them personally.  The whole "Global Warming" debate has degenerated into name calling.  Many of those who claim to be scientists are unable to explain the lack of warming they have predicted.  There have been several scandals where the scientists data appears to have been falsified.

Rather than give up on global warming is caused by capitalist nations who must surrender control and money to the Third World, they have changed the debate.  It's now Climate Change.  So data showing temperatures increased or decreased feeds their narrative.  That way the facts no longer matter, but then that was true all along.  That's the view from a classic climate change Denier of the highest order and the Hysterical Right Wing.

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