Monday, September 7, 2015

Be Nice to One Another

As conservatives we need to hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct and debate.  This is the beginning of an election campaign.  We should not be posting memes on Facebook that have been altered to spread lies, and half-truths.  We need to double check our information before we post things that sound too good to be true.  This behavior only serves to make us look uninformed, foolish, or even to be liars.

We need to keep discourse on a high level.  We should not call people names.  Even public figures should not be called names and we should not post inappropriate jokes about liberals and liberal politicians.  I did not like it when liberals called President Reagan names, we should not make fun of President Obama.  Even if you think he is a Muslim, or not legally qualified to be the president, he is the president until his term expires or he is removed by Congress.  Don't use racial slurs; people of all races are good Americans.

We are unlikely to change very many liberal minds by being mean, nasty, or uncomplimentary.  We need to win people in the middle to our side.  We need to get people who don't know much about conservatives should see us as polite, intelligent, and fair; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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