Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Remember, You Are Pro-life

The Republicans and Roman Catholics have a similar problem.  Once they get into a position of leadership, and power, the fail to live up to their basic principles.  Both of these groups have a very public pro-life position.

Once someone becomes an elected official or a bishop or archbishop, they seem to forget that.  The Republicans might cut down on some Federal funding, or they might pay them lip service, and they have no real decline in abortion.  Then the next time the Democrats take over, it's all changed back right away.

The Roman Catholic Church has the same problem.  Someone becomes a bishop and declares a list of of non-negotiable items that Roman Catholics are supposed to follow.  They usually are a pro-life platform and then a host of leftist financial and political ideas.  The average Democrat Roman Catholic says he follows most of the things on the list but is strongly pro-abortion.  The bishop does not ex-communicate the politician, because they hold the life of the unborn child as equal to income distribution.  Both the Republicans and the Roman Catholic Church need to remember they are pro-life.  They also need to remember that murder is much worse than income inequality; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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