Wednesday, July 15, 2015


In California, good people are almost never able to legally carry a gun around.  If they get caught with a gun, they can get a year in jail.  A year in jail is a long time for an otherwise lawful citizen to serve in jail.  So an unarmed person fears the criminal, but not the police.

For most people their lives would be ruined.  Taking a year off from work, the legal expenses, the loss of reputation, and the stress on the family is devastating.  For a regular person, this can destroy their whole life.  So a good person with a gun fears the police more than they fear the criminals.

Criminals on the other hand, have no fear of going to jail.  It's just the cost of doing business.  A gun makes it easier to commit a robber, rape or murder.  If they are willing to commit a crime that could lead to five years or more in prison, or even death, they certainly are not concerned about carrying a gun.  So a criminal with a gun, fears neither the police nor the unarmed citizen.  Criminals fear the armed civilian because they know the civilian is more likely to shoot them than a police officer is to shoot them.  We need to let good people carry guns; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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