Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is running for president.  I am glad he is running.  I think he has some good ideas and I think he would be a better president than Hilary Clinton.  I also think he would not be a great president.

I believe there are better Republican candidates than Donald Trump.  I think he should be given a cabinet post where he could use his skills, such as the Secretary of the Treasury, or Secretary of Commerce, or even Secretary of State.

He has great negotiation skills, he knows money and he knows business.  Those skills have been greatly lacking in our national government for a long time.  I also think he is causing some of the Republican candidates to run towards the right.  Too many of our Republicans have been pretending to be conservatives, but are moderates or even leftists.  We need to make the RINO extinct; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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