Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The people who believe in Global Warming / Climate Change or whatever it is this week have picked up a technique from other leftists.  They have come up with a perjoritive term to use for people who don't share their religion.  "Denialist.

Denialist.  If you label someone, then you don't have to grant validity to any of their research, facts or opinions.  Hater, racist, homophobic; does not matter if the label is accurate, all that matters is the label has been applied.

In the media driven, sound bite hungry world the left has figured out if they simply develop a label for Conservative, traditional or Christian ideas, they can then chant that name over and over and avoid any real engagement in debate.  If you are a denialist, you are anti-science, ignorant, and favor the 1%, so there is no reason to discus any topic with you further; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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