Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Freedom of Speech

In Garland, Texas two radical Muslims attacked a group of people who were having a contest to draw cartoons of Muslims.  I think in a civil society we should not be making fun of each other in a manner that is cruel or hateful.  I also think that in a free society we have a right to make fun of each other in a manner that is cruel or hateful.

If the KKK or the Nazis want to speak out against Black or Jewish people, they should have that right.  If atheists want to speak out against Christians, they have that right.  If Al Sharpton wants to speak out against the police or white people, he has the right to do that.  If gay people want to speak ill of Pat Robertson they may do so, just as Pat Robertson may speak out against them.

As long as people are using their own money, their own building, their own resources they should be allowed to speak out on any topic, no matter how anti-American, no matter how vile that topic may be, because the alternative is government censorship.  The heavy hand of government is a greater danger than anything posed by free speech in a free society.  While people should not be free to incite a crowd to violence, or to preach the violent overthrow of the government, simply speaking out on a topic likely to produce a reaction from third parties should not be prohibited.  If we are afraid to speak our views, if we are prevented from speaking our minds, then the enemies of freedom have already own the battle; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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