Saturday, March 7, 2015

Religious Freedom

What standard do we use for morality?  Does this nation even use a standard for morality?  Does morality even matter.  This nation has traditionally used the God of the Christian Bible as the standard of morality.  Separation of Church and State does not appear in the Constitution, it is not a law and was never intended as necessary by the founders.  It is from a letter by Thomas Jefferson, written many years later.

The founders of this nation were mostly Christians and a few Jews.  There were no atheists, no Muslims, no Hindus.  They looked to provide the greatest amount of freedom to people the world had ever known.  Certainly they were not perfect, they allowed slavery and they did not grant full rights to women.  But they laid the basis to permit rights for women and for freedmen in the future.

There was freedom of religion granted to everyone.  In England at the time membership in the Church of England was generally required, or at least membership in a recognized religion.  Freedom of religion and no recognition of an establishment of religion did not mean no religion in public life.  It only meant that people did not have to follow a particular religion to enjoy the same rights as other citizens.  This was a huge step forward in freedom, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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