Friday, February 20, 2015

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is used to diminish the ability of the user to think clearly.  Who in society do you want to use marijuana regularly?  Police officers?  Firemen? Doctors?  Lawyers?  Perhaps school bus drivers, airline pilots, and nuclear reactor technicians?  

If it's legal, why can't they use it?  Will our society be better off if members of our military smoke marijuana regularly?  If marijuana is legalized, they almost never tax it, so the associated problems are not paid for by the users.  And how do you tax something grown at home?  

Should children be allowed to smoke it?  How about pregnant mothers? Back when the whole legalize marijuana campaign got started we were told it was so old ladies who had cancer could get their appetites back.  Then it was all sorts of vague illnesses.  Finally, it's just to get high with, as I knew it was always intended to be; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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