Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sadness in Canada

 A Muslim terrorist attacked the Parliament building in Canada.  He was a habitual drug user and a convert to Muslim.  He stated he wanted to attack Canada because of the Canadian policy of fighting the War on Terror.

He used a lever action rifle.  His previous criminal convictions were enough to prevent him from legally buying or possessing a firearm.  Obviously these laws were completely useless in preventing the murderous attack.

Western nations continue to relay on outdated firearms laws to protect their citizens.  Radical Islam continues to murder their citizens and yet politicians and media act befuddled about the motivation of these killers. As in the Canadian Parliament attack, the only reasonable response to an armed attack by a Radical Muslim is to shoot back, not wait for police; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


Pat G said...

I disagree. If Zehaf-Bibeau had easy access to a assault rifle with a high capacity magazine the casualties would have been much higher. Ironically the lever gun saved lives because he couldn't spray and pray.

Secondly, if we had the sort of open carry laws promoted in certain states, the casualties would still have been much higher. The last thing I ever want to see is a bunch of untrained civilians with no experience in combat stress situations blazing away in the street.

Thirdly, Zehaf-Bibeau was taken out by a trained Police Officer doing his job. This is as it should be.

Finally, another terrorist had killed two soldiers a couple of days before not with a gun but with a car. These nut jobs will always find a way - the fewer lethal options we give them the better.

I understand your whole second amendment thing and that's fine but it is different up here and we like it that way.

And yes I am a right wing gun owning Canadian who lives in Ottawa.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you for your comment Pat G. A bad man with a gun was stopped by a good man with a gun. The good man had to go get his gun out of a lock box, he was not allowed to carry it, who was served by that restriction? The experience in the USA when an active shooter attacks a school, military base or shopping is that armed civilians stop the attack before police and prevent deaths. It happens nearly every day.