Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The world has been at war with radical Islam since the early 600's A.D.  The United States has had conflict off an on since the beginning of the Republic.  Since the 9/11 attacks more Americans have been aware of this threat, but even then most of our citizens are ill informed of the nature of the enemy.

Our presidents and our media have done a poor job of informing people of the extent of the war and the nature of the war.  While we in the West break up these wars into little segments and pretend they are unrelated, they are all the same war.

Radical Islam is not compatible with any other civilization.  It is not simply a religion that you do in private or on Sunday morning.  It is a whole system of government that must be imposed on everyone.  It is a system of conversion, submission or death.  There are no other choices.  Rather the media have constructed a fantasy world were Islam is accepting and inclusive and all are allowed to live in peace together.  This has been the exception rather than the rule.  Over time areas that once were pagan or Christian have been converted to Islam and all others have been driven out, enslaved, isolated, or killed.  This is what ISIS wants to do now, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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