Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Free Markets

Free market economies work just fine, but we tinker with them too much. President Obama has never owned a business but he thinks he knows how to run one. Free healthcare, free college, free time off with pay; how do you pay for all that? There is not a pie that is divided up. 

There is a pie that grows larger with more economic activity. Protect American workers from cheap foreign labor, like Communist China, and illegal aliens and wages here will go up. Those two things are also rightly the job of the Federal government.  Require that all police have the authority and duty to arrest and deport illegal aliens.  Require an import duty on all goods imported from nations that persecute Christians and other religious minorities.  So Saudi Arabian oil gets a 10% tax and Communist Chinese goods get another 10% tax too.  Use the money to balance our budget and pay down our debt.

President Obama needs to stop trying to run everyone elses business and instead run the executive branch.  He needs to stop moralizing about things he does not understand and rather do his real job.  Protect Americans from foreign attacks and prevent Americans from cheap foreign labor; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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