Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cigarette Tax

The same nanny state liberals in NYC that forbid selling large sodas for our own good also placed a city tax on cigarettes so people would have an economic dis-incentive to smoke. Liberals also liked the increased tax revenue that brought in. The police only enforce the laws on the books. The police had a lawful reason to contact the deceased, he was committing a crime. 

 As a citizen he had a duty to submit to arrest. If he thought he was innocent of the crime he could bring that up later in court. It is a further criminal offense every where in the nation, to resist arrest. It is difficult to fight someone into handcuffs who does not want to go. Fighting the police who are trying to arrest you has a certain risk involved that you may be injured or even killed. Police use of force must be objectively reasonable to be lawful, but use of force incidents are very dynamic and difficult to control. 

 The bottom line to this incident is that if the NYC cigarette tax did not exist, the police would not have bothered him. If he chose to submit to arrest, like he was legally required to do, he would be alive today. The police were doing the job they have been hired to do, enforce the laws on the books; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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