Sunday, December 21, 2014

Artificial As In Fake

A lesbian couple wanted a white child and so one of them had artificial insemination.  The donor they selected was white, the donor they got was black.  So they ended up with a child that is half black and half white rather than an all white child.  They want to be paid because of the error and the racism that the child will have to face.

They ordered a product, they did not get what they wanted.  Yet they did not "return" the product, they did not have an abortion, nor are they giving up the child for adoption.  Give them a 10% discount on their next artificial insemination purchase.

This is what happens when we violate God's law.  The whole problem stems from a lesbian couple.  God does not want us to participate in homosexual behavior in thought, word, or deed.  It is immoral from the beginning.  The second problem is artificial insemination.  If God does not bless your union with children, then he does not want you to have children.  There is a reason why two lesbians can't conceive together.  This is just one of the many tragedies and heartaches that come when we reject God's law; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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