Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vote Today, For Conservatives

Vote today.  Vote out Democrats.  Vote out those who would keep abortion legal.  Vote out those who will raise taxes.  Vote out those who will keep unemployment high by shipping jobs overseas.  Vote out those who don't support the traditional American values of freedom, responsibility, rule of law, duty, honor.

We need to return to our core beliefs of American exceptionalism.  We need to act on those beliefs.  We need to defend our nation by destroying our enemies, not degrading them.  In WWII Democratic President Roosevelt called for the unconditional surrender of our enemies.  Today, Democratic President Obama calls for degrading our enemies.

We need leaders, not managers.  Leaders solve problems, managers simply manage them.  We need to allow our people to keep and bear arms, as it says in the Constitution.  We need to eliminate about a third of our Federal Government and return to the state and local governments education, welfare, and law enforcement.  We need a government that represents what is good in America, not what is perverse.  The people vote against homosexual marriage and yet state legislatures and judges force it upon us.  The people vote in favor of the death penalty, and yet state legislatures, governors and judges refuse to implement it.  We need a government that will represent the people; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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