Sunday, November 23, 2014


Bill Cosby has come out recently as being conservative.  Therefore the news media has the duty to destroy him, because you cannot be a prominent Black man and a conservative in America.  The media did the same thing to Herman Cain.

So make charges that 20 years ago he did something bad that can no longer be proved or disproved.  If a woman is raped she needs to immediately contact the police and report the crime.  She should cooperate with the investigation and help put the criminal in jail so he does not do this to another woman.  She needs counseling and medical care.

These allegations are a distraction from continued high unemployment, the war that President Obama cannot seem to either win or end, his failure to close Guantanamo like he promised, the failure to end nuclear weapons building in either Iran or North Korea, ongoing and rapid expansion of the Communist Chinese military and the continuing war in Ukraine by Russian proxies.  Bread and circuses to distract the people; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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