Friday, October 10, 2014

Federal Health Care

The Federal Government has vast numbers of medical programs for it's employees.  They have one for military service members and one for their dependents and still another one for veterans.  The Congress and the President get special medical care.

We provide a wide range of medical insurance programs for all the different Federal Government employees.  They all work for the Federal Government, why don't they all get the same insurance and health care coverage?  They are all working for the same employer, they should have the same benefits.

I think there should be a range of medical insurance programs that the Federal Government has for it's employees.  Each employee should then select from that menu which health insurance program they want.  The only thing that should be different is active duty military should continue to have health care provided by the military.  Even veterans could have a no-deductible health insurance provided by private health care provides at no cost to them.  Stream line the system, save money, provide better care; that's the view form the Hysterical Right Wing.

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