Monday, October 27, 2014

COEXIST or Be Beheaded

Those liberals who seek to claim moral equailalance between America and her enemies seem to have little historical perspective, or they try to equate things that happened decades ago or even centuries ago to things that are happening now.

Someone mentioned the radical Muslims who are beheading people in the Middle East don't seem to want to COEXIST as expressed in the bumper sticker.  Someone else responded to that with a statement that Americans who lynched other Americans did not want to COEXIST either.  In about 100 years in the United States there were fewer than 5,000 lynchings and a fourth of those victims were white. 

Not a single Christian religious leader called for lynchings in America, rather they were condemned as unlawful acts and even more laws were passed against lynching.  Rather, Radical Islam beheads people only because of their religion right now, today.  Radical Islamic leaders continually call for more beheading of people who are not Muslims.  There is no moral equivalence between American society and Radical Islam.  American society only wants to live peaceably among other men as much as we can, it is Radical Islam that wants to kill others for their religion; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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