Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not Terrorism


A woman in the UK was beheaded by a Muslim.  The police said it was not terrorism.  The police said it was not terrorism even before they released the name of the killer.  The police said it was not terrorism essentially while the woman's body was still laying in her backyard garden bleeding.

How could the police know it was not terrorism within seconds of arriving at the scene of the murder?  Don't you have to conduct an investigation to determine a motive prior to announcing a motive?  If someone robs a bank or steals a car the motive is generally part of the nature of the crime itself, personal gain.  If someone commits a murder the motive can be a love triangle, a drug deal, terrorism or any number of other reasons.

The murder is a Muslim and he killed one of the few non-Muslims still living in that neighborhood in Britain.  Is that just a coincidence that he was a Muslim?  Is is just a coincidence that she was one of the few non-Muslims in the neighborhood?  Do the police know the real motive and why are they keeping it secret?  Or is it terrorism and the government just does not want to admit that terrorists live among us and are willing to kill without notice?  I think the government needs to stop worrying about any possible backlash that might result in violence and instead protect it's citizens from violence that's happening now; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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