Thursday, September 4, 2014

Election for President

The media loved McCain because he was a RINO and they described him frequently as a Maverick. So when the choice in the primary was between conservative Republicans and McCain the media told us to vote for McCain. Once the election was on and it was McCain vs Obama, then the liberals in the media told us how old, tired and stupid McCain was. 

McCain selected Palin because he was grasping for straws trying to save his candidacy. He figured being a woman, the liberal media would give her a pass and being a conservative she could bring back conservatives who would rather vote Libertarian than vote for McCain. He was wrong on both counts. 

The liberal media attacked her ruthlessly and made fun of her because she is a woman. If you are Black or female and a conservative, then the liberal media will savagely attack you because you are their worst enemy and you go against the liberal "war on women" "all conservatives are racists" liberal mantras. Conservatives did not flock to McCain because he was just too liberal, and a boring campaigner.  Republicans need to do better than nominating some old, rich, out of touch, white, male, career politician in the next presidential election; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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