Friday, September 19, 2014


The Republicans need to stop nominating the senior Republican.  They need to nominate someone who can win.  Christie is a RINO and not a good choice, he can't energize the base.  We don't need another member of the Bush family, no matter how good they might be otherwise, we don't live in an oligarchy.

We have to stop nominating 70 year old white guys because they are part of the Washington establishment.  We need to nominate someone who can reach out to Hispanics, Blacks and women.  We need someone who has a military service record, particularly combat.  Someone who has worked in the private sector who does not see government as the solution to every problem.

America needs someone who can articulate the needs of the common man.  Someone who values patriotism, militarily service, Christianity, personal property, freedom, and gun rights.  We need someone who can convince people it is better to work than to receive welfare.  We need a candidate who can explain to CEOs how it is a poor idea to make a 1,000 times more than their employees.  We need someone with international experience who will take a tough stance against our many enemies and stand by our many allies; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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