Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hundreds of British, American and other Westerners are fighting for Radical Islam.  That means they have passports to allow them to travel freely from radical nations to their home.  Someone born in Iowa goes to Syria and fights for ISIS and then decides to come home and commit terrorist acts.  There is little we can do to stop him from returning home and committing terrorist actions.

Once again, the terrorists are ahead of us in planning.  As we make it harder for foreign citizen terrorists to come here, citizen terrorists are now the next problem.  Some of them came here from other countries as children or even as adults and became naturalized citizens.  They repay our kindness by becoming terrorists.

We used to have a crime called "status offenses."  Members of street gangs or other political groups were considered criminals by the very nature of membership.  The idea was that the only reason to belong to a street gang or the Communist Party was to commit crimes or overthrow the government.  We may need to reconsider that option when dealing with Radical Muslims, instead of waiting for them to commit crimes individually; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing. 

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