Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Sky is Falling

For as long as I remember people have been telling me the nation is on the verge of collapse. A friend of my sent me an article about it just today.  This guy says 18 to 24 months and it will happen. The nice thing about making predictions that are two years in the future is that no one remembers them two years from now. You just keep moving the time frame a couple months forward and it never happens.
The other thing that bothers me is the whole, is many of these predictors say this is all planned.   We are going to have a one world government, and one currency. I think President Obama is the worst president we have ever had at least in my lifetime and I am 57 years old. I think the Democrats are totally wrong on where they want to take this nation. BUT, they are not working towards collapsing the nation or one world government. How does collapsing the nation give President Obama more power? How does Nancy Pelosi get more money and perks than she has now if we are part of the same nation as Communist China? That's all just stupid, crazy talk.
I do think that everyone should be prepared for disaster, not because of what some wacko says, but because disasters happen all the time. Here in California we have had rioting so bad that we needed to call out the National Guard at least 4 times in my lifetime, that's about once every 17 years. We have had major earthquakes, major fires, tsunami alerts, threats by the old Soviet Union and now threats by North Korea. Bad things happen all the time, about the only bad thing I have never had to live through is a volcano. So having a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand if you can afford it, laying around the house in small denominations is a good idea. Having water for a few weeks is a good idea. Owning a gun and knowing how to use it is a good idea. Having a fire extinguisher, a shovel, a car, extra blankets, and lots of other supplies to be able to live for at least a week if not longer is a good idea; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


Unknown said...

Not saying I agree or disagree in RE the conspiracy theory; however, your take on it is at least myopic if not altogether naive. History is rife with examples of zealots sacrificing their own personal welfare in an effort to promote an ideology, to make concrete a hypothetical end, etc.

There is a such thing as the "reasonable (person)" standard for judging the actions of others -- as in determining whether a reasonable person under a given set of circumstances would be expected by other reasonable people to have known some fact or anticipated some consequence.

Your blog contains items irreconcilable as truth, to wit: "I think President Obama is the worst president we have ever had at least in my lifetime and I am 57 years old," and "Here in California we have had rioting so bad that we needed to call out the National Guard at least 4 times in my lifetime, that's about once every 17 years." Do the math: 60/4 would be 15; 57/4 is 14.25.

Granted, if you think the governor was right in those instances to have deployed the National Guard, then correcting your math actually strengthens the argument that a dire condition exists, rather than weakens it; however, like too many, you seem to have bought into the lie that the United States is a single nation or that we all belong to a common multi-cultural culture.

Cultures do not blend: they compete for dominance, and to the degree and extent that any particular culture concedes to another, it is diminished and destroyed.

If you believe the government's response was correct -- that the National Guard should have suppressed the behavior of the group whose action precipitated such activation -- then you not only know this to be true, but you have judged your own culture as superior to the culture of those whose free speech you believe should have been quelled.

This does not make you a bigot, but it does make you a judge: not every moral judgment is the product of prejudice. Likely for the juridical man within you -- an innate characteristic that has enabled your ancestors to both survive and evolve -- you know that not everything that can be blended together should be so joined, and yet your such belief neither indicates nor implies on your part any hatred or ill will.

However, this country is dominated by a faction dedicated to advancing the lies of egalitarianism; organizations comprised of suicidal zealots, whether witting in their deadly pursuit, whose principal mission is to bring about the genocidal ruin caused by miscegenation.

Modern science indicates the first humans were black men who appeared about 2.3 million years ago in Africa, a continent in which can be found every mineral valuable to modern man, along with fertile soil, ample fresh water, abundant and diverse animal and plant life suitable for the preparation of food and shelter.

Less than 60,000 years ago, the first identifiable Mongoloid people arose in Asia; about 30,000 years ago, Caucasian man appeared. Consider, if you will, what each culture has produced on its own.

As to political parties, Democrats and Republicans are utterly fungible enemies of the People: they are equally evil and incorrigible.

Bunkermeister said...

Thank you for reading and your comments. Yes, my math is incorrect on the frequency of National Guard call outs, still the idea is the same. They are called out every few years. They were not suppressing free speech, but rather active rioting. Call me names is free speech, overturning my car and setting it on fire is not, it's a criminal act. It was American culture of law and order that was being enforced.

I have seen nothing in the life of President Obama that indicates he would subsume is own personal interest for any reason. As to political parties, the platform of the Democratic Party is in my opinion, evil, with its support of special rights for homosexual behaviors and for abortion. The Republican Party platform is much better but unfortunately many of them fail to support the platform their party espouses.