Friday, March 8, 2013

Russian Nuclear Weapons
Russia conducted a huge nuclear weapons drill.  It included both strategic and tactical nuclear weapons.  All nations have to conduct military drills from time to time in order that their military is ready in case of attack by another nation.  This is not unusual.  Nations also use military drills to show potential enemies, allies and client states that they have a powerful military and are ready to use it if needed.

This same week the United States under the leadership of President Obama has had to engage in massive military budget cuts.  As a result we are not having massive military maneuvers to demonstrate our strength.  Rather we are demonstrating our weakness.  We are unable to provide our soldiers in the field with the support they need to win battles. 

President Obama has already determined that we can no longer win wars.  We did not win the War in Iraq, we just left.  He has no plan to win the War in Afghanistan, he simply plans on leaving.  Now we are not even attempting to fight the war properly until we do leave, we are allowing budget problems to cut or ability to wage a war already in progress.  If you were a Third World nation, would you look to Russia or the USA for protection, that's the question from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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