Thursday, March 14, 2013


Mayor Bloomberg of New York City keeps trying to disarm the populace of not only his city but of New York State and everyone else in the USA.  Now that law abiding people in his city are disarmed, he has become a very big government nanny state enforcer.  He has used his office as mayor to cut back on other freedoms.  No large size sodas in movie theaters, and no 2 liter sodas when you order a pizza delivered to your home.  How silly to use the power of government to enforce such laws.  It's hard to imagine he's the Republican!
Police should not be permitted to have weapons the private citizens cannot have. After all they are civilians too.  Perhaps the special police protection enjoyed by big city mayors should be cut to save money and make them live under the same system as the rest of us.
I have never been quite sure why mayors are even governors should enjoy police protection unless it is at a special event.  How many are actually the intended victims of genuine assassination plots?  I can't imagine it's that many.  Perhaps if these mayors and governors had to live like the rest of us, they would be less willing to infringe on the rights of their citizens; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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