Friday, March 1, 2013

North Korea

Dennis Rodman went to visit North Korea.  President Obama failed to condemn the meeting between the leader of North Korea and Dennis Rodman.  As far as I am concerned any American who travels to North Korea should be arrested when they return.  We are technically still at war with North Korea and we should not be paying social visits to our enemies.

North Korea is working on building missiles that can hit the United States.  They have been testing missiles for years.  They have launched missiles that are a clear threat to both South Korea and Japan.  They keep trying to export missile technology to unfriendly states.  They have manipulated our currency and have attacked South Korean ships in recent years.

North Korea is testing nuclear weapons and President Obama has done essentially done nothing effective to stop any of these provocative acts.  North Korea is our enemy and yet, President Obama is so weak he can't even criticize those who praise their leadership.  North Korea is a totalitarian, Communist dictatorship and we need to be working towards regime change, not basketball games; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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