Monday, March 11, 2013

Drone Strikes

The Obama Administration has said that they may perform drone strikes against US citizens.  Most conservatives seem to have come out against that.  The Obama Administration then announced that drone strikes could be made against US citizens, even here in the USA.  I don't believe that drone strikes against US citizens, even on US soil is necessarily a bad thing.

US citizens are subject to being killed by American soldiers on the ground, or by American manned planes bombing them if they are in a war zone and appear to be acting as combatants against the United States.  US citizens are killed every day when they are on US soil by American police officers when they pose a threat to the life of an innocent person.

I don't view drone strikes as being any different from these two types of use of force.  American courts have long held that police use of force must be reasonable.  If an American was building a bomb to blow up a Federal building, using a drone to blow him up would not be unreasonable, in my opinion.  If drones are to be used internationally they should be used by the military or the CIA.  If they are used domestically they should be used by law enforcement agencies, and subject to law enforcement standards.  The only exception I would make to that is that if the strikes are in response to an invasion by a foreign power; then they could be done by the military.  I do not believe a small terrorist cell operating in the USA rises to the level of an invasion; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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