Monday, February 25, 2013

Sex Scandal

I am not Roman Catholic, but if you look closely at the Roman Catholic church sexual abuse scandals you will find some very interesting facts that the media fails to report or glosses over. Keep in mind the media does not like the Roman Catholic Church because they oppose abortion, and homosexual marriage so they seldom get good press.
Many of the reports are 30, 40 and even 50 years old. If someone reported your grandfather had sex with them 50 years ago, how would they be able to defend against that charge? Do you know where you were 50 years ago and could round up witnesses to that effect against a false charge? Many of the charges were made against priests who have died before the charges were made; how do you defend against that?  A few priests are responsible for the majority of the complaints, out of hundreds of thousands of priests who served in the USA since the 1950's.
Decades ago it was not unusual for anyone accused of child abuse to be shunned rather than prosecuted. Families or organizations did not want the embarrassment and so they did not report the incident to the police; the Church was no different. If the priest said he was penitent he would be transferred and he would hopefully not do it again. A foolish hope in many cases, but not an unusual method of handling the problem. Ask any teacher about "spoiled teachers," they are teachers who have molested children and rather than get arrested get transferred.
Catholic priests rate of child molestation is lower that than of most clergy and lower than that of the general population and lower than that of teachers. The media like the big government unionized teachers so they don't often complain about them molesting children. In fact, with gay studies, sex education and similar subjects taught in schools now they are one step away from abuse by just following the lesson plan.
Our civil court system is so messed up that it is often cheaper to just pay the money than to defend the lawsuit.  In many instances the Catholic Church hierarchy did fail to live up to their responsibility but it was not common and they have taken many steps to correct their problems; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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