Friday, February 8, 2013


Every gun owner in the nation should join the NRA. Then join a second 2nd Amendment organization too.  The NRA has power because they are the largest and best funded firearms group and have been around for almost 150 years.  The more members they have, the more clout they have. The NRA will always strive to get us the best deal possible, sometimes that means compromise. When we don't elect enough pro-Second Amendment politicians to Congress we can count on losing some of our gun rights.

We should make a maximum effort to stop any new laws that restrict our gun rights, and by joining the NRA that will make them better able to fight off the anti-gun politicians. By being a member they will better reflect your views on the subject.  By joining another pro-gun group you help to keep the pressure on the NRA to stay the course of gun freedoms and only compromise on issues that we can't win.

My personal opinion is that the Second Amendment protects all our rights by being able to fight invasion or tyranny. I don't believe any registration of military style small arms is constitutional and certainly don't think there is a right to confiscate so called "assault rifles." They are exactly the weapons needed to protect against invasion or tyranny. Gen. Washington did not use his 1st amendment right to discuss things with the British, he used his 2nd amendment rights to shoot them; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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