Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Millions of people call 911 and police respond to the vast majority of those calls and handle them professionally and well.  Like anything else people do, the 911 system is not perfect. People give the wrong address, the address is not in the 911 system, dispatchers radio the wrong information or the officers have trouble finding the location or even go to the wrong address. As someone who has 37 years in public and private law enforcement I have seen all these things; still they are rare.
My agency gets to most calls in under 3 minutes and most emergency calls in less than one minute.  60 seconds of being in a fist fight, knife fight or gun fight is an eternity.  Civilians having guns to protect themselves is an important part of civilian law and order.  In times of major incidents, riots, fires, floods, police shootings, response times can be much longer than normal.  I have been to calls that were waiting for over 24 hours due to police back logs caused by extreme conditions.
In Southern California the National Guard have been deployed here at least four times in my lifetime because rioting had gotten so far out of control local law enforcement were unable to control the streets.  Just like a fire extinguisher, a privately owned gun can save lives when deployed by someone who is trained and willing to use it on the rare occasion when such a device is necessary.  I have had occasion to pull a gun and to spray a fire extinguisher more than once in my lifetime; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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