Friday, February 22, 2013

Communist Pakistan

Communist China is planning on operating a port in Pakistan.  The Chinese are using their money from exports to America to buy influence in Pakistan.  They are buying the rights to operate the port, and build a road from there to China.  It will place a Chinese port near the Middle East and allow oil and gas exports to flow more easily to China.

It will also allow Chinese naval ships to have an anchorage far from the Chinese coast.  It will enable the Communists to have ships on both sides on India and closer to the Middle East than ever before.  The Communists have long looked for ports in this area.  China is using money to conquer where guns were ineffective before.

The US balance of trade with China is so far in favor of China that they are using the money in many ways that are not beneficial to the United States.  They are improving their military technology.  They are increasing the size of their military and adding aircraft carriers and other weapons they never had before now.  They are using money as a way to buy their way into Pakistan, the USA and Africa and even Panama to control places they would not be able to conquer.  None of that is good for the USA and we are letting it happen without protest; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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