Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aircraft Carrier

US weapons makers may be about to do well.  With nations around the Pacific Rim nervous about the Communist Chinese and the North Koreans, weapons will be in great demand.  If the Obama Administration were smart, and they show little sign of that, the United States would be leading the coalitions in the region to defend against aggression by Communists nations, pirates and Muslim extremists.

The United States should be selling weapons to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and many others.  The United States should be extending credit to these nations if needed to get them to buy American weapons.  Weapons are expensive and if larger numbers are made, then the cost per unit goes down.

Perhaps we could interest Japan in an aircraft carrier, or maybe India?  Perhaps we could sell them our old ones, rather than scrape them.  Maybe we could interest a multi-national organization to buy an aircraft carrier together.  Perhaps Australia and New Zealand together could operate large helicopter carriers?  Maybe Taiwan and the Philippines could operate anti-submarine forces together?  We need a more flexible and creative and aggressively American diplomacy in the Pacific Rim; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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