Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Air Force


The Air Force did a force wide sweep for inappropriate materials and discovered thousands of inappropriate documents, magazines and posters because female airmen complained.  This is exactly why we don't need more than a minimum number of females in the military.  The military is a manly pursuit.  It is male bonding of men doing manly jobs in a manly and manful manner.  Women generally have no place in that environment.

Male to male non-sexual bonding is a powerful tool.  By having an all male environment the interpersonal dynamic is different than when women are introduced.  It is not about discrimination, it's about biology and the make up of male / female relations.  No regulation or social experimentation can change that.

The Air Force found Maxim magazine in some offices.  They don't have nudity in Maxim magazine.  There is nothing in one of those magazines that won't be posted on billboards and other outdoor advertising.  If someone can be offended by the content of a magazine, that is no different than an outdoor billboard, how can they be tough enough to protect our nation in a shooting war.  Maxim is sold on Air Force bases, yet it's too offensive to have in your desk drawer?  Our Air Force should be maximized towards destroying our enemies and defending our nation, not sensitivity to women's issues; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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