Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nothing Gay About Being a Bishop

God's plan says that one man should marry one woman and only sex between those two people is legitimate.  Random sex, sex with unmarried partners, homosexuals having sex are all immoral and sinful.  The Church of England has disgraced Christianity again by permitting an openly homosexual man to be elevated to the rank of bishop.
They claim that as long as he is celibate it's okay for him to be a bishop.  What does that mean?  He lives with a homosexual man and they are in a long term relationship.  Is the CoE so foolish to think they are not having sex?  How long does he have to be celibate to be a bishop, all day?  Perhaps they think that as long as he is not having sex with a woman it still counts as celibate?
We sin in thought, word and deed.  If a homosexual man has thoughts, words or deeds about having sex with other men, then he is in sin.  Such a man should fight against those urges and until he has them controlled for a long period of time, years, he should not be ordained to any position in the church.  The church has always considered homosexuality a sin and it is not for the present generation to change that; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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