Tuesday, January 8, 2013



President Obama, the mayor of Chicago and NBC journalist David Gregory all send their children to schools with armed police or security guards. Yet, when the NRA proposes the same thing for all the children in the nation, they are called extremists and unreasonable and fanatics.

Allowing people to carry guns in schools makes perfect sense. Just because you are in a school should not mean that you lose your right to keep and bear arms. Why should you be defenseless just because you are at a school? If the school were secured like an airport and only those who had passed a careful screening were allowed inside then perhaps that would make sense. Do you really want to subject every school child to a TSA type screening every time they go to school?

Many school shootings are stopped by teachers, school administrators and even students who have guns. Why is our nation looking to restrict gun ownership when the vast majority of Americans are not committing gun crimes? Most of the people who committed school massacres are already prohibited from owning guns and often stole them to commit their crimes. We need to make sure that people with a history of mental disorders and with a history of violence can't get guns, but can get treatment; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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