Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gun Rights

The Brady Campaign, Senator Feinstein and many others, most recently former NYC Mayor Ed Kock said they would ban and confiscate most if not all privately owned firearms if they could.  Every totalitarian government registers guns, limits their sale and then uses the registration lists to confiscate guns. Nazi, Communist or other they all do it, and in each case it is put forward as common sense, reasonable restrictions, etc, etc.
If abortion were handled the same way, how would liberals react? 
Two week cooling off period from the time of purchase until the transaction is completed, okay for guns, but not for abortion.
Background check to insure the purchaser is mentally stable, okay for guns, but not for abortion.
Fingerprints and ID check and pages of forms to fill out, okay for guns, but not for abortion.
Must be at least 18, if not 21 to make the purchase, okay for guns, but not for abortion.
Limits on how many you can buy in a year, okay for guns, but not for abortion.
Which amendment in the Bill of Rights specifically states the right to an abortion shall not be infringed?
Until 1930 it was legal in California to buy a Thompson submachine gun from Arizona, have it mailed to you, without a background check, without a waiting period, you could load it up and drive around with it in your car, with a 50 or 100 round magazine in the gun. There was less crime in California then, by any measure, then there is now, yet all these acts are now illegal. How have these regulations helped to decrease crime? They have not, yet the only solution to crime offered by liberal is to continue to do the same thing that has not worked for 80 years.
Even White House spokesmen have said the Obama executive orders would not have stopped the Sandy Hook gunman. They why do them?  The NRA proposed armed guards for schools and were ridiculed. President Obama wants to have more armed guards for schools and is hailed as a hero. Why the difference?  The NRA would have permitted teachers and other school employees to be trained and allowed to carry guns for the protection of themselves and the students with almost no cost to the government.  President Obama will create more unionized police resource officer jobs and will cost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.  Law enforcement is a local concern, not one of the Federal Government. If local governments want police in their schools, then they should hire police, not the Federal Government; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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