Friday, January 18, 2013

Communist Aggression,8&wp_login_redirect=0
Communist China is building a huge multi-level armed force.  They have always had a massive low quality ground army.  Millions of soldiers with rifles and short range anti-tank missiles to defend their territory from attack and hundreds of short range patrol boats to defend their coastline.  That's all China needs now to defend themselves.  They don't face any significant conventional external threats.

Their largest most powerful neighbors, India, Russia and Japan have no interest in attacking China.  The United States has no interest in attacking China.  In fact, all these nations have allowed unprecedented access to their domestic markets to the Communist Chinese and have allowed their domestic economies to be harmed by Chinese goods.

The Communists have paid all these nations back the way Communists always do, they have threatened them militarily.  They are building aircraft carriers to threaten India, the USA and Japan.  They are building anti-aircraft carrier missiles to threaten Japan and the United States.  They have been making more amphibious assault craft that threatens all their neighbors, as far away as Australia.  We need to curtail our trade with China and strengthen our military, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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