Monday, January 7, 2013

Chinese Energy

Japan elected a new prime minister who is very nationalistic.  The Communist Chinese are upset because he will not negotiate the status of the Senkaku Islands, owned by Japan for over a hundred years. This is a typical communist strategy.  Decide you want something that is not yours and then ask for negotiations.  When you can't get the other side to give you what you want, claim they are obstructionist and unreasonable.

There is no reason for Japan to give these islands to Communist China or to Taiwan.  Neither of them have a valid claim in my opinion.  Should the United States give Alaska back to Russia?  No one is alive who lived there under Chinese rule.  The Chinese never wanted the island until they determined there might be natural resources there of some value.

The Communist Chinese are very vulnerable in energy resources.  They still use a lot of coal and are always looking for new sources of energy.  After President Obama visited Brazil and told us he would secure Brazilian oil for America, he lost it to the Chinese.  After President Obama killed the Canadian pipeline across the USA, the Chinese bought the energy and will reap the benefits.  China is trying to capture energy all over the world, even if it means stealing someone elses; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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