Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Have Guns?

Guns are like automobiles. Some people don't like them and don't have any. Some people need them and have a few. Some people like them a lot and have large numbers of them. I know people who own three or four cars, but you can only drive one at a time. Like cars, guns are collectable, and have different uses. A shotgun with a long barrel is used to hunt ducks. A shotgun with a short barrel is used to hunt deer. A shotgun with fine engraving can be used to shoot skeet. A shotgun with a a short barrel and folding stock can be used for home defense. A double barrel shotgun can be used for cowboy action shooting. A single shot shotgun might be grandpas family heirloom.
Why have more than one guitar? They are used for different purposes. They have different sounds and different tone, or have sentimental value or simply look cool.  That's why there are different kinds of weapons and why people own multiple weapons. There is nothing sinister about it.  In Switzerland every male between about 20 and 60 is in the militia and has a fully automatic rifle with ammunition at home. They also have many people who own and carry handguns. They have a more ingrained gun culture than the United States. Yet, Switzerland has almost no murder. They don't have mass school shootings. Israel is also filled with people carrying guns around everywhere. They also have almost no mass shootings. 

The reason these two places have no mass shootings is that an armed person will shoot the shooter almost immediately and put an end to the rampage. That happens here in the USA also. The Clackamass Mall shooting, in Colorado where two people were killed, a few weeks ago was stopped by an armed civilian who confronted the shooter. The shooter retreated and killed himself without the citizen having to fire.  Let's find solutions to mass shootings that actually work; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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