Thursday, December 13, 2012


In the linked article, Dennis Prager says that schools should not be about the race of the student.  Students should learn to speak proper English as their primary language.  Students and faculty will dress properly and wear business casual type attire.  No one well use profane language at school.  Self esteem will come as a result of accomplishment rather than be given to people.  Finally, the school will teach academic subjects not activist political propaganda.

I agree with all of these recommendations.  School should be a place for children to go so they can become honest, productive, American citizens.  The race of the student should not be the reason they are in certain clubs or attend certain classes.  Our schools should be teaching our children to work together as Americans.  The first way to do this is the require all students to speak English, and their English and attire should be of the standard that is appropriate for business and government.

Self esteem is earned, not given.  A person who gets a high grade should get it as a result of their hard work and accomplishments.  Academic pursuits are of paramount importance.  They will secure a job and insure the success of themselves and the nation.  We need an excellent world class education system; that's what the SGT Says.

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