Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Che

When I go shopping there are many things I won't buy.  I won't buy clothing that contains offensive messages.  I don't buy clothing with a marijuana leaf displayed on the clothing.  I won't buy clothing that shows an image of Che Guevara.  I won't buy clothing with obscene language on it.

Drugs are a terrible disaster for our nation.  Marijuana is a gateway drug to other drugs.  No one uses heroin or cocaine unless they had marijuana first and then moved on to a harder drug.  It should be a felony to posses in my opinion.  Those states that recently legalized it for recreational use are going to find in increases rather than decreases their drug and crime problems.  Our society is far too coarse and rude.  We don't need to have bumper stickers and tee shirts with obscene messages on them.

Che was a murderer and a communist.  Communism is an evil and godless system that enslaves and murderers people.  It should never be encouraged.  Che personally tortured and murdered people.  He should not be treated like a celebrity. He is not worthy of adulation.  He was a bad man and his name should be forgotten; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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