Friday, December 14, 2012

Communist Provocation

The Communist Chinese flew an aircraft over some disputed islands in the Pacific.  The Japanese scrambled eight F-15 fighters and one AWACS plane.  The Chinese plane was gone before they got there.  The Japanese did exactly the correct thing, they responded with overwhelming strength. 

The media, soft on the Communist Chinese, tried to tie the incident to the Rape of Nanking, in 1937 because this flyby happened on the anniversary of that incident.  This incident has nothing to do with that historical event.  It is just a distraction by the Communists to try and win sympathy.  The Japanese are a democracy, with free markets and multiparty elections.  The Communist Chinese are a totalitarian system run by one party. 

Now that the United States, under President Obama, has cut defense and gradually withdrawn American forces from the Pacific Rim the Chinese are beginning to fill that power vacuum.  The United States needs to have at least 15 full size aircraft carriers in service.  We just retired the Enterprise and the Communist Chinese are emboldened.  That's the real connection between the actions of Chinese, not a 75 year old war Japanese war crime; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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