Saturday, December 8, 2012

Black Helicopters

Conservatives only lost the presidential election by a few percentage points. If all the people who voted for McCain last time voted for Romney this time, Romney would have won.  How much time did you spend on politics before President Obama won re-election? Five minutes per day? Reading a few emails and responding, once in a while writing a check to some political office seeker.
How much time will you spend preparing your family for the approaching storm? What are you planning on doing? Holding maneuvers in the forest, camping out, and watching for black helicopters?  When Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were president we heard for years how they were going to declare martial law, have FEMA build concentration camps, that they had cattle cars all ready and they were not leaving office after 8 years. How did that turn out again?
Many states are totaly controlled by conservatives and millions of Americans are unhappy with how things are going. Four more years of President Obama won't make anything better because he is not competent and the the economy is not likely to recover.   We conservatives need to work now to develop candidates who are conservative, who can speak well and who will be able to win next time. Stop talking about succession, Ron Paul, and other silly ideas that won't work and won't win. Paul Ryan seemed pretty impressive as the vice presidential candidate, maybe he should run next time. Maybe one of the governors will be ready by then.  Buy guns, buy ammo, stockpile food, get a few more warm blankets, save drinking water. In an earthquake, fire, flood, tornado, blizzard or war all these things may come in handly. But you really don't need more than a few AR-15s and they are pretty easy to learn how to shoot. Once you are stocked up, put some of that time and money in trying to keep from having to use them; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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