Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Romney

Today I voted for Mitt Romney for president.  I hope he will be our next president, but it is too early to tell yet who will win.  If President Obama wins a second term I fear for our economy, our gun rights and our national defense.  I believe that he will continue with the moral decline of our nation.  His continued and increasing endorsement of homosexual marriage and abortion are a terrible stain on this nation.

I think if he does get reelected that we will simply get more of the same thing we got in the last four years.  An administration that founders at every opportunity overseas, like in Benghazi and Iraq.  I think we will have even greater debt and unemployment will continue to be high.  Anything over 5% unemployment is unacceptable to me and should warrant a change in administrations.  If President Obama does win reelection, I will continue to pray for him and for our nation.

I hope that Mitt Romney wins the election and I also hope that he wins by a large enough margin that there is no quibbling about his victory.  Very close elections are not good for the nation, they distract us for months, even years from the work that needs to be done as we argue over who really won and who really lost and why.  In my opinion, Mitt Romney will help to grow this economy which will provide the money and resources that we need bring our nation back to greatness; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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